One Community One Family

Our mission is to provide support at diagnosis to cancer patients in the Skagit Valley Community. We believe most people are not fully prepared for the overwhelming emotional and physical changes, as well as financial hardships, during this time. Our volunteers are dedicated to the long-term success of this grant program through ongoing donations and fundraising efforts. 

About One Community One Family

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. My doctor was amazing as she delivered the news to us (complete with hugs). However, everything she said after the words, “It is cancer” is a bit fuzzy. My brain was going in so many directions and I would be lying if I told you that finances weren’t near the top of my list. In fact, right after thinking “I might die” and that I might be leaving my family without a wife or mother, my thoughts were medical bills, followed closely by ”Was I going to be able to work?”. If I couldn’t work, how would we feed our family, pay for fuel and make sure that our kids were still able to continue their favorite activities? And if Erik couldn’t work because he was caring for me, how would we pay the mortgage on the house that we had just purchased less than 1 year before?

When we got home that night, we broke the news to the kids and then talked about our fears, not knowing what exactly was ahead. We knew that above all things we needed a place to live, utilities, running vehicles with fuel and groceries. Everything else could wait. It turned out that we were lucky, we both work for amazing companies that gave us their full support, we didn’t need to miss very much work and we had a huge support group. Unfortunately, we know that not everyone is as lucky as we were.

One Community One Family’s mission is to support cancer patients in our community, by providing a grant to help with household bills, groceries, child care, fuel and any other necessary living expenses. The board of One Community One Family has all been closely touched by cancer and we have seen what an amazing community we live in time and time again. Now is our time to inspire others and focus our efforts on giving back to those in our community that need us during this difficult time in their lives, because after all we are one community. We are one family. 

Thank you for visiting our website! Please contact us if you have questions about volunteering or supporting us as we embark on this journey to help others in our Community.

-Joanne Bruland, President OCOF